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We hope you feel a sense of pride when reading about how your support helps us change lives, in a truly special way. Everything we do is only possible with your support behind us.

Over this summer alone, we have been called to 640 missions, which is 5% more than last summer. We are only able to be there because of the generosity of people like you.

This winter is set to be a very difficult time for us and we expect many more call-outs. So truthfully, your support is needed more than ever. We are so proud of the service we offer, and you can be too, because it’s thanks to you that this exists.


Help keep our life-saving service running this winter

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Person on a stretcher


Could purchase a spider strap to secure a patient on a stretcher.
Leg splint


Could purchase a fibreglass splint wrapped around the leg to ease pain.


Could purchase five trauma bandages to stem bleeding.
After Care Team Hayley and Kayleigh

My name is Hayley and I’m the Patient Liaison Manager at LNAA.

This edition is special to me because it features my incredible, hard-working Patient and Family Liaison Team. As you’ll see on page 6, my colleague Kayleigh and I share some of the stories of families we’ve supported recently that have really touched our hearts.

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Read Sky Shout Winter Edition online

Dive into touching testimonials, exclusive interviews and mission updates that highlight the dedication and compassion behind our extraordinary charity.

Please give a gift to keep our life-saving service running this winter.