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Weekly Lottery & Prizebuilder Rules & Conditions of Purchase

The subscription for the LNAA Weekly Lottery is £1 per week for two numbers. 

The subscription for the Prizebuilder Game is £1 per number per week. 

  1. Payments can be made for both draws by Direct Debit or Debit Cards (online payments are Direct Debit only). 
  2. Debit Card payments can be £13 for 13 weeks £26 for 26 weeks or £52 for 52 weeks. Direct Debit payments can be a minimum of £4.34/month or £13 for 13 weeks, £26 for £26 Weeks or £52 for 52 weeks. 
  3. All subscriptions received as advanced payments into the lottery will be held in a ring-fenced account separate to all other charity funds and will not be used for any other purposes other than funding entries into the lottery. Full details can be found within our Social Responsibility in Gambling Policy which can be requested from our lottery office. 
  4. There is a limit of £20 entries per week per person over both draws, but it is recommended by the Gambling Commission that no participant purchases beyond their financial limitations. 
  5. Please inform the Charity if you have signed a Gambling Self-Exclusion form. Self-excluded members will be unable to take part in any lottery activity for the period of their exclusion and will not be contacted by the charity in any way. 
  6. LNNA Weekly Lottery prizes are as follows:- 1x £1000 | 1x £200 | 1x £100 | 4x £50 
  7. Each weekly lottery draw is made by a random number generator (RNG) at the Charity’s premises. Any changes to the advertised draw date will be advertised on the lottery website. 
  8. All prize numbers are advertised on the Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire Air Ambulance Charity website:; We also notify various local radio stations and local newspapers in both counties of winning prize numbers. 
  9. Prizes are paid directly into winners’ bank accounts and each winner will receive a letter to confirm their win. The lottery prizes are valid for 6 months from the date of the winning draw. Any prizes not claimed after 6 months will be taken as a donation to the charity. 
  10. People under 18 years of age are not allowed to participate in the lottery.  Any tickets purchased for a person under 18 will be forfeited upon winning the draw. 
  11. If the subscription is not renewed by the renewal date, the subscriber’s details will be held in our records, but their number will not be put into the weekly draw until receipt of such payment. 
  12. You have the right to cancel your subscription at any time. 
  13. The charity will not disclose a participant’s details to any third parties other than strictly under the course of the Charity’s operation. 
  14. All members of LNAA lottery are eligible join the Prizebuilder game. 

Additional Rules for Prizebuilder game

  • You must be a member of the LNAA weekly lottery to enter the Prizebuilder game 
  • All numbers in credit will be entered into the Prizebuilder Draw each Wednesday 
  • Prizebuilder has one rollover prize which consists of 5% of that week’s income added to any prize rolled over from the previous week. 
  • For each draw all numbers in credit are entered along with a range of unsold numbers. If a paid number is selected by the RNG it wins that week’s allocated prize, but if an unsold number is selected as the winner the prize will roll over to the next week. 
  • When the prize reaches £25,000, only paid numbers will be entered into the draw so that one number will be guaranteed to win the prize. 
  • The maximum prize in a single Prizebuilder draw is £25,000, so when this is reached, if the winning amount is more than £25,000 the difference will be added to the following week’s draw. 


Our office hours are Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm. Please feel free to call the office between these hours on 01522 531308 or email [email protected] 

Lincolnshire & Nottinghamshire Air Ambulance Charity is licensed and regulated in Great Britain by the Gambling Commission under account number 5068.