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In March 2017, Emma was out horse riding through some woods when she was involved in a serious accident. Whilst attempting to jump over a fence, Emma’s horse lost balance and fell directly on top of her. The sheer force of the impact caused Emma’s pelvis to break in four places, as well as completely shattering her shoulder.

Due to the location of the incident and the severity of Emma’s injuries, the Lincs & Notts Air Ambulance was dispatched directly to the scene. Our helicopter landed in the nearest clearing of the woods before the crew rushed to Emma’s side.

Airlifted to hospital in a matter of minutes

Once at the scene, the highly-skilled medical team took quick action by carrying out a number of clinical interventions before transporting Emma on board the Ambucopter. She was then airlifted to Queens Medical Centre in Nottingham in a matter of minutes.

Following the incident, Emma spent ten days in the East Midlands Trauma Unit at Queens Medical Centre, where she underwent surgery and began intense physiotherapy. She was eventually discharged from hospital and returned home in a wheelchair.

Emma recalls: “Following the accident, I had to move back in with my parents so they could look after me as I was unable to take care of myself. It took four long months before I could walk or climb stairs again.”

Just 13 months after her accident, Emma decided to take on a huge challenge completing the London Marathon in aid of the Lincs & Notts Air Ambulance.  With an initial target of £2,500, Emma smashed her fundraising efforts and raised an incredible £8,000 for the Charity.

“Thankfully, I’ve made a full recovery since my accident, so I wanted to run the London Marathon to say a big thank you to the crew who saved my life”, says Emma.

“That one day was definitely the worst of my life, however, the team at Lincs & Notts Air Ambulance has to deal with situations like this every single day.

“They are not supported by the Government and do not receive any National Lottery funding, so they’re only able to continue saving lives through the generosity of the general public and local communities. I am so proud to have raised these vital funds for such a worthy cause.”