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A big, big ‘hello yellow’ thank you to all the schools across Lincolnshire & Nottinghamshire who raised over £1,000 in our first-ever Hello Yellow Day.

Students and staff were invited to have a bit of fun and wear something yellow to school as part of our unique Hello Yellow Day celebrations to highlight the importance of the work of Lincs & Notts Air Ambulance.

It all happened on Friday 9th September as part of the National Air Ambulance Week, a time when we can shout out the importance of our work and let people know how we are able to bring the equivalent of a hospital A&E department to a patient in minutes, no matter where they live in the counties we serve. Our-state-of-the art helicopter and highly skilled pilots, paramedics and doctors really do give some of the most critically ill and injured people their very best chance of survival in what is often their greatest hour of need!

Hello Yellow Day for LNAA

Great fun was had at all the schools and over £1,000 has been raised so far from the individual £1 donations given for wearing something yellow.

Plans for Hello Yellow Day 2023 have already begun, please do get in touch if you want your school to take part.