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Lincs & Notts Air Ambulance provides emergency care to the people of Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire and can get to any point within the 3,500 square miles of the two counties in under 20 minutes. Our crew are despatched, on average to five missions a day.

It can be exciting to witness our helicopter  hovering above, looking for  a safe place to land. Our doctors and paramedics can be called to attend many types of emergencies in many different locations from urban city centres to rural county roads and coastline.  This means our pilots search for the nearest, safe place to land, whether that is a field, in a park, on a road.

Our crew understand the excitement and interest in the helicopter and are understandably concerned for your safety when they land in public places.

Many of the emergencies we attend can be life-threatening and by working with our team, you can play your part in helping us land the helicopter and arrive at the patient’s side as quickly as possible, giving that person the best chance of survival.

Our crew have a few simple steps to help you, if you see the helicopter trying to land near you:

Keep your distance

If you are in a field, move to the edge so that the pilot has a clear space to land.

Hold onto loose items

There is a powerful downdraft created as the helicopter comes into land. Please hold onto children, dogs and all loose items.

Do not approach the aircraft until the blades have stopped turning

Please give our crew time to exit the aircraft, collect their equipment and attend the emergency.  Our pilots will often stay with the helicopter and welcome members of the public to ask questions you may wish to ask.

Allow the crew to board ready for take-off

Please give space for the crew to return and board the helicopter. When a patient is safely secured on the aircraft a smooth and speedy departure is vital to ensure the patient can be transported to hospital and speedily as possible.

Keep your distance until the helicopter has left the site

Follow the same guidance as for landing, Please do not approach the area until the helicopter is flying away from the site, in case it needs to abort the flight.

helicopter at Barton on Humber

And finally…

We are not funded by government and rely on the generosity of people living in the communities of Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire to be able to be by the side of patients every day.  We are extremely grateful for your support.