where it
all began

In 1991, the board of the Lincolnshire Ambulance NHS Trust, of which our first Chairman the late John Hill was a member, decided to explore the possibility of providing an air ambulance for Lincolnshire.

John’s first job was to recruit a Board of Trustees and a fundraiser. Dr Alan Sagar, still a Trustee today, played a key role in those early days, together with Mike Gillon, who was the first ambulance officer to head up the clinical team, Ian Massey and Dr Cyril Nyman.

By early 1992 the Board of Trustees was in place and fundraising started. Our first fundraiser, Thirza Hart, started recruiting volunteers, one of whom – Judy Johnston (pictured in the centre of this photo), still works for us today.


three years
in planning

After three years of planning and public fundraising, the Lincolnshire Air Ambulance first became operational on April 3, 1994, with our first airlift taking place on May 13, 1994. 

In those early days our helicopter, an ex-Police Bolkow aircraft (G-PASC), only flew when we had sufficient income meaning it was often grounded for months at a time while fundraising took place. The helicopter had enough room for a crew of three – one pilot and up to two paramedics. It had a top speed of around 165mph.

But, by March 1995, a two-year sponsorship deal with the Lincolnshire Standard newspaper group, allowed us to fly 365 days a year. A year later we extend our service to cover Nottinghamshire with another sponsorship deal, this time from the Nottingham Post.

a whole
new era

In 2000 we said farewell to our Bolkow and moved to a new generation of aircraft, an MD902 Explorer (G-LNAA). This helicopter could accommodate a crew of 4 – one pilot, a doctor and two paramedics. It had a top speed of 160mph.

This helicopter served the Charity well and in November 2010 we upgraded to a newer MD902 (G-LNCT). In October 2013 we started undertaking missions after the hours of darkness allowing us to fly 7am-7pm.

onwards &

In June 2017 we said goodbye to our MD902 and started to fly an AgustaWestland 169 (G-LNAC) – a top of the range Helicopter Emergency Medical Service (HEMS) aircraft. The state of the art helicopter is bigger than any helicopter we have ever flown – offering head to toe access to patients in flight, can fly in excess of 200mph and can carry a crew of 3 – two pilots and up to three medical crew.

Just three months after its arrival our crew started carrying blood on board, allowing them to deliver potentially life-saving blood transfusions at the scene for the first time.


By the end of 2018 we will take the bold step and increase our operational hours from 12-24 hours a day!

Data from the 999 operations room at East Midlands Ambulance Service shows that there is a need for our critical care after 7pm and that we could potentially respond to an additional 400 patients every year.

With this move will come the need to raise £4million every year to support our 24/7 operations – something we can only do with your support!

Donate now and help to save a life!