While we all socially distance during the COVID-19 outbreak, we’re calling on you, our amazing supporters, to take on a virtual fundraising challenge at home.

We hope that our fun challenges enhance your physical and mental wellbeing while you raise vital funds to help our #Ambucopter continue saving lives.

Thank you for your continued support in helping us to provide a life-saving service for people in their greatest hour of need.

great sunflower

Sunflowers are easy to grow, they look great and are the same colour as our iconic yellow Ambucopter; so why not complete in your very own Great Sunflower Challenge to keep our helicopter in the sky!

Set up your own JustGiving page and invite your green-fingered family and friends to make a donation to take part. Agree a date to plant your seeds and watch your beautiful blooms grow.

Keep your group updated with regular photos and set an end date for your competition. At the end of the challenge, let us know who your greatest gardener is by emailing and we’ll feature them on our Facebook page!

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share your beautiful blooms with us!

help us reach
our next patient

Whilst many of us stay at home, our crew continue to help those who are in need. Could you help us reach our next patient?

Pick from one of the six challenges below:

1,000 steps: Our crew attend approximately 1,000 missions per year.

2,500 steps: Each mission costs approximately £2,500.

3,500 steps: Our Air Ambulance covers a total of 3,500 square miles.

7,500 steps: We attend an average of three missions per day, equating approximately £7,500 per day.

21,000 steps: Our crew attend approximately 21 missions over a seven-day period.

45,000 steps: Our crew travel approximately 45 miles to reach a patient. 

Choose your amount of steps and think about the time frame in which you’d like to complete your challenge. You could walk, run, or even skip your total amount of steps in the comfort of your own home and garden.

Create your own JustGiving page and invite family and friends to sponsor you. You could even encourage your friends, family or colleagues to get involved and create your own leader board.

If this challenge seems too ambitious, why not share the total steps between members of your household?

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your locks
can save lives

With barbers across the country closed, why not treat yourself to a new look whilst generating a ‘hair-raising’ amount for our Charity? Grow your hair like a caveman, or have your long locks completely shaved off!

Choose your desired look and create your own JustGiving page. Share your page with family and friends and ask them to sponsor your desired look.

If you’re braving the shave, share weekly photos with your followers to show them how your hair is growing before the big shave. You could even broadcast the shave live on Facebook!

Or if you’d prefer to take on the caveman look, you can grow your hair (or beard!) in exchange for donations. Keep your supporters updated with regular photos.

Send your photos through to and we’ll share a selection of our favourites.

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share your photos with us!

consider your

If you’re saving money on travel expenses, why not donate to ours? It costs £2,500 every time our #Ambucopter flies out to a mission.

donate your commute here


host a
virtual activity

Use Skype, FaceTime, Facebook or Zoom to hold your very own virtual activity for your family and friends; whether it be an exercise class, house party, online gig, a storytelling session or if you’re a teacher, an online classroom!

Just set up your own JustGiving page and ask your participants to make a donation.  It’s a great way to keep everyone entertained and connected, whilst raising vital funds to help those in need.

set up your justgiving page


swear jar

Grab an empty jar in your house and set up your very own ‘Coronavirus Swear Jar’. Every time someone in your house uses the dreaded word “coronavirus”, ask them to put £1 in the jar. Once the jar is full, donate the collection to Lincs & Notts Air Ambulance.

donate your collection herE