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Providing a Helicopter Emergency Medical Service (HEMS) in Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire comes at a significant cost. Our operational costs alone, funding our helicopter, crew, medical supplies, fuel, medication etc, costs around £7.4 million per year.

As a Charity we are totally reliant on the support of people, organisations and businesses in the communities we serve to raise this money as we receive no direct Government or National Lottery funding. This may seem a tall order, but since we first started to fly in 1994 we have had sufficient support to be able to operate 365 days of the year, something that we hope will continue due to the generosity of people like you!

every penny counts!

Every single year we raise the money to fund over 1,000 potentially life-saving missions through modest donations from many sources. Each one of these potentially life-saving missions costs an average of £3,500.

Every penny you raise from a school cake sale or a sponsored run, every play on our Charity lottery and every donation made, whatever the amount, all help to keep our helicopter in the sky and our crew saving lives in your community.