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On average we are called to four missions every day. Click on the pins to take a closer look at some of the incidents we have been dispatched to.

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The helicopter's maximum speed
Lincs & Notts Air Ambulance Service Helicopter
Square miles covered across Lincs & Notts
Time it takes to reach anywhere in Lincs & Notts
LNAA helicopter on helipad

About our helicopter

The Leonardo Helicopter AW169 is one of the most modern helicopters flying today and is one of the most powerful in its class. It offers access to the patient from each member of the critical care team allowing them to perform life-saving interventions on board.  

The aircraft has retractable ‘Bear-Paws’ fitted to the wheels so it doesn’t sink when landing in soft fields or the sandy beaches of Lincolnshire.  

On the tail is a 22 million candle power searchlight we use when landing on scene in the dark. 

It can start one engine without the rotors turning in order to provide heating or cool air, lighting and power to the medical team before the aircraft takes off.

Crew during training exercise

What is HEMS?

HEMS, or Helicopter Emergency Medical Service, is using a helicopter to get our doctor-paramedic team to the patient’s side quickly, providing advanced urgent medical care at the scene before transferring to hospital.

Crew in front of helicopter and critical care cars

Our Crew

Our pilots fly our doctor-paramedic crew to the most serious of incidents. They carry out life-saving advanced procedures on scene before transferring patients to the hospital.