Lincs & Notts Air Ambulance Missions Soar

Lincs & Notts Air Ambulance Missions Soar

As temperatures soared in July so did Lincs & Notts Air Ambulance missions, continuing an upward summer trend.

June had been the busiest month on record for us with 151 missions but in July, our specialist crews were called to 179 incidents.

Senior Operations Manager, Chris bailey said: “How busy we’ve been reinforces the need for our area of expertise – delivering high-level, critical care on scene that would only be otherwise found in a hospital emergency department.

“The upward trend in figures continues and as we get further into high summer, we are making sure we’re prepared should incidents continue to rise.”

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With each mission costing, on average, £3,500 we rely on the generous support of our communities in Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire to continue responding to this increase in emergencies.

Our Second Lincs & Notts Helicopter

We introduced a second helicopter for the summer period to respond to an anticipated increase in emergencies along the Lincolnshire coast as more people choose to staycation in the pandemic.

Crews responded to 56 road traffic collisions (RTCs) and on one occasion attended a multiple vehicle crash near Skegness which required both of LNAA’s helicopters with two full crews on board. Two patients were flown to a major hospital and one taken by land ambulance.

As the summer holidays get in full swing, it’s anticipated that our second helicopter could be at its busiest. The second helicopter, which will be with us until the end of August, began flying in June in response to an anticipated increase in people needing the highest level of care in an area that is approximately an hour and 40 minutes by road or just 17 minutes by air from the nearest major hospital.

Throughout the month, paramedics and doctors also attended 52 cardiac arrests and other incidents ranging from sporting injuries to stabbings across Lincs & Notts.

Chris added: “It’s a sad fact that we’re attending a rise in incidents but we’re so grateful to the communities, organisations, businesses and people that support us. It’s only because of those generous donations that we’re able to get to people in their time of need.”

“Whether you’re at the beach, at the roadside or in the countryside, our crews are by your side if you need us.”

Lincs & Notts two helicopters