time to make

Our volunteers are very important to us. As a charity, we rely on the efforts, ideas and expertise of those who support us, raising both awareness and funds for our critical life-saving work.

Our volunteers are our ambassadors, representing us to the wider public and also help us to keep staffing costs to a minimum so that more of the money that you donate can go directly towards the operational costs of our service.

donating YOUR TIME

Volunteers can give as much or as little time as they are able to on a regular or occasional basis. Whatever your skills or experience, we will have an opportunity for you to join our fantastic team of volunteers.

We are recruiting! In line with the Government guidelines, we are looking for volunteers to join our Retail team.

Wragby    Mapperley    Mansfield Woodhouse

To find out more, please email volunteering@ambucopter.org.uk

why do you
need me?

Your support, whatever your role, helps us raise vital funds to keep our helicopter in the air and our two critical care cars on the road.

Each mission costs on average £3,500; we attend an average of 3 missions per day – around 1,000 a year.  And we’re getting busier.

We need you, together with our staff, to find the £7.4million we need every year.