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So you have decided on your fundraiser, the next step is to make sure that it is successful, spreading the word to your friends and family to raise as much money as you can. Follow our simple guidelines on how to promote your event. 

  • Create a plan – no matter how small it is good to jot down how, when and where you are going to promote your event.  


  • Spread on social media – Create engaging posts and ask friends to share your post. A great way to share what you are doing with your followers before, during and after the event.


  • Get in touch with your local press – write a short press release, enclose a photograph and send it to local newspapers. Invite a journalist to come along to your event and record what is happening.


  • Contact your local radio stations – With luck, you will be interviewed about what you are doing.


  • Create a poster or flyer – take it to businesses and organisations and ask them to display it for you.


  • Take lots of pictures and share them on your social channels – please also send them to us and we will share them with our followers too! 

Download a simple press release template