Celebrating 25 Years of Saving Lives

Celebrating 25 years of saving lives

25 Years

In 2019, we celebrated our incredible Air Ambulance service and the lives of thousands of patients we have helped over the last 25 years. Thousands of families still have their loved ones today, with thanks to the expertise of our amazing crew on board our Ambucopter.

To mark 25 years of ensuring patients are in the safe hands of our crew, we incorporated a new and exciting tail decal on our helicopter (shown above). This decal depicts 25 large pairs of hands – each reflecting on the story of one of our incredible former patients who have been in the safe hands of our crew, alongside businesses who supported us during our 25th year of service.

Help us make sure our next patient is in safe hands

As we celebrate our 25th Anniversary, you can help us to make sure that the patients who need us are in the safe hands of our amazing crew for the next 25 years. Your support is vital to us. Without ongoing public donations, our Charity would simply not be able to operate.

Everyone can give a helping hand to support our local Air Ambulance. You can take part in a fundraising event, donate items to one of our Charity shops or donate your valuable time as a volunteer, or you can donate to help keep us flying.

You can easily make a one-off or a regular donation to support the Lincs & Notts Air Ambulance and help keep us flying & saving lives 365 days of the year.