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As a charity we depend on the support from the communities which we serve, and this includes support from the local media. We work closely with print, online and broadcast media to ensure our news gets out to as many people as possible. We are extremely grateful for the support we receive from all our local media.

We always have good news to share, whether that be a community fundraising event, a new development within the charity or a heart-warming story from an ex-patient. If you are looking for a story, simply contact our Media Officer; Marie Williamson, who will be happy to help you find something suitable to publicise to meet your deadline.

As we start to look forward to 2017, our biggest news is that we are starting to prepare for the arrival of our new aircraft, the AgustaWestland 169. We hope that it will be operational very soon – watch this space for more information on this.

The AW169 is bigger than our current helicopter so will allow the crew to have 360 degree access to the patient in flight and will enable us to carry a greater range of life-saving equipment than ever before. It is also faster and has greater endurance, carrying more fuel so can go from job to job without the need to refuel.

All of our latest news can be found in the Latest News section. For daily updates please follow us on Twitter at @LNAACT or like us on Facebook at /Ambucopter. Remember to tag us and use #Ambucopter #SavingLivesEveryday when writing about us so all of our followers can see your article too.

Our Media Officer can be contacted at or on 01522 548469

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