Our operational crew are based at RAF Waddington and currently consists of two Pilots, two Co-Pilots, five Paramedics and a team of Doctors. We always have 2 Paramedics on the Ambucopter, and of course, a Pilot!  In addition to this, we also have a Doctor covering most of our shifts.

All of our Helicopter Emergency Medical Service (HEMS) Paramedics undergo a comprehensive selection process, which includes rigorous medicals, physical fitness tests, in-depth interviews and appraisals. They are also expected to have detailed knowledge of aviation topics including flight safety, communications, map reading, principles of flight, aircraft navigation, emergency in-flight procedures and HEMS rules.

Exceptional care, in challenging environments, requires exceptional people

Our highly-skilled and experienced Paramedics are supported by a specially-selected team of Doctors who have a diverse range of expertise and advanced skills bringing added expertise to the team. Our clinical crew offer an enhanced level of pre-hospital critical care to patients, including advanced life-saving interventions, more effective drugs and enhanced pain relief, all of which are usually only found in a hospital environment.

There are a number of routes through which our Doctors join us. If you are interested in joining the LNAA to save lives across Lincolnshire & Nottinghamshire, please make contact with us via email docsinfo@ambucopter.org.uk and we’ll put you in touch with our Clinical Lead.

In effect, our Ambucopter can transport the level of care found in an A&E department directly to the patient, so that they can receive the high level of critical care they need as soon as possible, giving them the best chance of survival in what is often their greatest hour of need.

Our crew are a highly competent, professional and kind bunch with a great sense of humour; something that is often needed when times get tough. The charity is immensely proud to work alongside them.

Click on the yellow arrows bellow the photos to learn more about our amazing Pilots and Paramedics:

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Captain Paul Smith

Position: Chief Pilot

  • Flying with us since 2011

Paul began his career as an engineer in the RAF when he was seventeen. He left and trained to become a helicopter pilot and has flown in all sorts of different situations, from fire fighting to offshore charters.

Away from work Paul likes spending time with his family and his Land Rover.

Captain Tim Taylor

Position: Pilot

  • Flying with us since 2012

Tim joined the Army at 16 as a brick layer in the Royal Engineers. In 1996 he volunteered for pilot training and has served all over the world flying Lynx helicopters.

Tim holds a keen interest in Aviation history and is very proud to serve his local Air Ambulance.

Anna Loake

Position: Co-pilot

  • Flying with us since 2017

Anna took her first helicopter flying lesson in 2003 and subsequently left a full-time career to continue with her commercial flying studies and training. She has previously worked as a flight instructor and corporate charter pilot. She is very proud be part of the Lincs and Notts Air Ambulance team doing a job which she finds very rewarding.

In her spare time she enjoys sports and renovating old buildings.

Llewis Ingamells

Position: Co-pilot

  • Flying with us since 2017

Born in Boston, Lincs,  Llewis learnt to fly helicopters over 10 years ago. His early career saw him instructing and flying general charter before moving on to utility flying and more recently a HEMS pilot and a qualified Police Pilot. Llewis has worked all over the UK, flown in Europe and also holds a Canadian licence.

He has a passion for Japanese cars and enjoys spending time with family and friends.

Roger Linnell

Position: HEMS Paramedic

  • Flying with us since 2000
  • Joined the ambulance service in 1988

Roger joined us in 2000 and became Unit Manager in 2003. He lives with his family near Newark, likes DIY, holidays and walking his dog, Jasper.

Jane Pattison

Position: HEMS Paramedic

  • Flying with us since August 2011
  • Joined the ambulance service in March 2004

Jane keeps track of our drug stock at the airbase. She lives in Retford with her husband and 2 dogs and enjoys cooking for friends and family.

Jane has fairly recently taken up cycling, so thank goodness the air ambulance is there – just in case!

Richard Irwin

Position: HEMS Paramedic

  • Flying with us since 2012
  • Joined the ambulance service in 2004

Richard joined us after eight years on ambulances and fast response vehicles in Nottinghamshire where he still lives.

After obtaining a degree at Teeside University Rich went on to gain a PG certificate in advanced medical practice at Warwick University. In his ‘spare time’ he still enjoys organising our storeroom.

Matthew Moore


  • Flying with us since 2017

Chris Cole


  • Flying with us since 2017
  • Joined the ambulance service in 2011

Chris started his career in Yorkshire before moving to EMAS in 2013.  

He has worked in various roles on ambulances, fast response vehicles, the Hazardous Area Response Team (HART) and at management level.

He enjoys studying and learning new medical skills, and is currently studying a BSc ‘top up’ degree at Northampton University.

Outside of work he enjoys walking, sailing and spending time with his partner Katie.