Do you want to be part of a World Record attempt?

Have you ever wanted to make history? Well, now you can by helping a trio of amateur cricketers break the World Record for the length of time they can bat cricket balls into a net at the same time as trying to raise an incredible £20,000 for the Lincs & Notts Air Ambulance.

Over a 72-hour period next month, Dave Newman, Shaun Brown and Richard Wells, who all play for Billingborough Cricket Club, will continuously bat away cricket balls that are bowled at them in order to break the current 52-hour record by a whopping 20 hours – no mean feat!

And, to enable them to accomplish this, they are looking for willing helpers to collect the balls to feed back into the automatic bowling machines that will be used throughout the challenge.

They are also appealing to other cricket clubs to loan them bowling machine balls to ensure they have a constant flow of balls to bat throughout the challenge!

Dave said: “If we stand any hope of beating this record we need more helpers and more balls, so please come forward to help us! We especially need helpers for the three overnight ‘graveyard’ shifts to help keep us awake and motivated.”

The challenge will take place at the Northgate Sports Hall in Sleaford, starting at 9am on Thursday, November 23 and finish 72 hours later on Sunday 26th November. Although the trio will be using bowling machines for the majority of the challenge, anyone who would like to bowl a few balls at them is invited to go along and join in.

Under the rules, the trio are allowed a five-minute break every hour but can accumulate them to get a longer break or some sleep in an attempt to prevent the exhaustion and hallucinations that can occur.

If you can help out, please call Shaun on 07824 118954, Dave on 07984 908234 or Richard on 07930 733278.

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